going to the office three times in a week is very ensleepyifying.

honorary harlem globetrotter heinz kissinger died at the age of 1 century. sadly, we lost poor old shane too. poor old shane. Kent may never produce a better irish poet.

on Thursday night i was meant to see to underscores at heaven. but once i got there, it seemed so tight, and there was a threshold guardian i didn’t have the power to defeat so i decided to go home and eat my first meal of the day instead. on the train home i listened to lily’s cryptid radio show on edinburgh student radio and at the end she played a quiet party song which was profoundly fulfilling. lily is very good on the radio, very engaging.

i attended to an invitation to my colleague’s house to watch the movie wall street. we never watched the movie, i met her brother, we sat on the couch and talked, it was a lovely evening. in the morning we smoked cigarettes in bed like french teenagers and then i took the dlr home. on saturday i slept from 7p.m. until sunday’s 7a.m.

and this is where we are now: it’s sunday now and i feel gross. i have a couple of days off work coming up. i’m tired. thinking of starting a monopoly. everything is what it is.

Sunday improved as it continued, and then I started thinking about software design process and practice and how nice it would be to be able to be part of it.

tomorrow a swedish rectangle might arrive, which will be nice.

good night, have a good week, sorry about the weird dreams.


hello, treasure.

i wrote + recorded + released a new quiet party e.p. this week. it’s 3 tracks. w/ singing! it’s rly good. it’ll be on spotify etc over the next couple days but it’s already on bandcamp. it’s called 「ANTICIPATION」.

quiet party anicipation album cover. photo of chee rabbits.

it’s really good, i hope you enjoy it. btw did you know that you can use quiet party music in your instagram stories + reels and on tiktok? wow!

that’s really all this week has been about. on tuesday i went to the office so i could go out for an ice cold glass of pepsi max with a colleague who i find to be very sweet. we were very funny.

tuesday morning i wrote and recorded “track 2: + explode”. tuesday evening i wrote “track 3: close to u” on my walk home. wednesday morning i woke up and recorded “track 1: anticipation” and then that evening i recorded “close to u”. they were all made entirely on the op-1, though “close to u” was mixed a lil afterwards on computer.

op-1, tp-7, sunglasses and a sakura grape lost mary vape
all u need to make a hit

ummmmmmmmmmmm is there anything else? the short ceasefire is holding… zeezy is back from cairo……. kara is remixing “close to u”…… if anyone else would like to make a remix of any of the tracks lmk i will send all the stems + then it can go on the forthcoming remixes release of 「ANTICIPATION」 + we can share the 1 penny we get from spotify across 4 years:)

saturday i suffered some post-release depression and did not leave bed but i did eat an entire burrata. i guess i had all my nice emotions turned up to 11 for a few days trying to capture them like a camera captures light + then they all left my body at once. emotional overdraft like mdma. i’ve written a few more songs now. might get something else out before the end of the year, texas school book depository is coming to a close. ummmmmmmmmm

idk! i’m moving teams at work in the new year. my new boss is v excited. im excited too.

still getting up at 5am, still vegetarian, still keto. nothing more to report. i’ve made some coffee and it smells good. not as good as if it was made in lb’s orange moccamaster, but fine.

okay, i hope you are doing well and keeping safe. take this it’s dangerous to go alone.

can you believe it’s been another week?

this week i allow a goof-based decision-making matrix push me ever-closer to the source.

apart from that mostly reading and thinking, with contained adventures. i’m b story.


i am wet, yet again, with washing machine juice. on Sunday the machine stopped
working. we know why, it’s had a hard time draining because i’ve not been
careful with checking my pockets for coins and little copper tom nook
faces. lying on the floor, operating tools, peeping through a tiny hole, drenched with washing machine juice, feeling like i’m on the the crystal maze. an unfortunate
discovery about my washing machine tube: the piece of hard plastic that connects
it to the filter is the exact diameter of a ten pence coin. i cannot extricate
the ten pence coin from the tube.

kj had a little baby. looks very friendly. congratulations to all.


i was wrong. it was a kennedy half-dollar. happy anniversary, jack! sorry about the cia, the dallas police force and the anti-castro cubans.

a kennedy half dollar between the teeth of a pair of angled needle nose pliars

that little Kennedy… he thought he was a clog

Allen Dulles


nearly lost all my time to installing linux and android on all my devices and deleting all my big tech stuff accounts again. pulled myself out of the nosedive at the last minute and bought a new iphone on credit to try and make it feel like it’s not an option. lost at least 12 hours of bento work to that waste of time


On 19th June 2008 an Egypt-organized ceasefire between Israel and Hamas “for the Gaza area” went into effect. on that same day, Israel broke the ceasefire shooting fishermen in Gaza. three days later, Israel broke the ceasefire shooting children and farmers in Gaza. the next day, Israel raided the west bank and killed an Islamic Jihad commander. the west bank wasn’t covered by the ceasefire. the next day, Israel broke the ceasefire shooting farmers in Gaza.

Three days later, on June 28th, Israel killed a 7-year old boy in the west bank. on July 1st, Israel broke the ceasefire shooting a woman tending sheep in Gaza. on july 10th Israel broke the ceasefire killing an unarmed Palestinian in Gaza. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade retaliated by firing two rockets into Negev. Hamas arrested the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade militants for breaking the ceasefire. On July 23rd Israel broke the ceasefire shooting a Palestinian in Gaza.

On the 4th of November 2008 Israel broke the ceasefire by invading Gaza and killing 6 Hamas fighters. Hamas, for the first time since the beginning of the ceasefire, retaliated.

14th December 2008: Hamas says it is willing to renew the ceasefire if Israel opens up the border crossings and stops attacking Gaza.

19th December 2008: Ceasefire expires.

20th December 2008: Israel launches Operation Cast Lead, killing 300 people on their way to school in the first 4 minutes alone. In the course of the operation 80% of agricultural crops in Gaza were destroyed. Israel hit over 250 schools, 1500 factories, 15 hospitals, and 58,000 homes. Over 6000 homes in Gaza were completely destroyed. For the damage in the other direction, to quote from the Amnesty International report on Cast Lead, Hamas damaged “several” civilian homes and other structures, “one was almost completely destroyed”.


decided to take a couple day break from working on bento. got a shorter list of the features i’m going to add before i take a longer pause and start working on something else.

  • basic wav editor
  • filter screen
  • synth screen (select type, width and “envelope”)
  • master lane
  • retrig, grid loop,

WHY do people keep making me WORK when all i wanna do is VIBE

rb, voice of the people


made some music, wrote some songs, ate a egg. who remembers. it was a simple day for simple rabbits.


reflective riotgrrl sunday. i need to get on a stage and scream.


this week I took vacation to work on bento. on Thursday evening I went out to a concert with Gabi. the show was oliver tree at the troxy. there were music videos playing behind every song. the artists mostly sang along with a backing track. it was a good show, but strange and of a future i don’t feel part of. it was a tiktok concert. no space between the songs, constant sound. clips, skits, a movie. i think mr. oizo would have liked it. the support act Super Computer was enjoyable. i think they would enjoy quiet party.

every other hour was spent rewriting the internals of bento to make way for the new features and UI fixes. the rewrite is now released. it has reduced power usage by a lot and fixed some other issues but is otherwise basically the same. i have started adding the new features but i am very tired and not very good at anything today. i’ve tried all my normal tricks such as playing beat saber, having a shower, and tidying up but nothing has worked. it is bed time soon. in an hour or so i will eat half a buffalo mozzarella and then lie down in bed and read.

i don’t want to go to work tomorrow.