EDIT this does not work reliably across browsers so ignore all of this

today i found out about a little trick you can use to force the browser to synthesize its own bold and italic for a font, when you really want it to.

i wanted to change my font to be Geneva, to fit with my new Macintosh System 1 inspired theme. it doesn’t have bold and italic styles. with web fonts, if they don’t have bold and italic styles the browser will go ahead and imagine some. this is something people try to avoid. that’s great for Adobe but im different.

i’m not using web fonts (falling back to other fonts on other platforms). it doesn’t happen with local fonts, though, so what do we do?

@font-face {
  font-family: 'Geneva';
  font-style: normal;
  font-weight: normal;
  src: local('Geneva');

that’s right! define a web font @font-face whose only src is the local font you want, and state that it only has a “normal” style and weight.

you could also use this to have an alias for your font stack by adding more font names to the src, e.g. “src: local('Geneva'), local('Verdana');” but that’s probably an even worse idea than what i’m already doing!

let’s go

hello darling!!!

ok. i didn’t take notes this week so i’m a little light on info. i spent a lot of the week working on programming projects (work, lima, imessages, partyfingerd, docfiles, etc) and learning languages (zig, go, deno). sofia finished the last essay for her diplomat. she did rly well, i’m proud of her. i’m gonna need to start starting work later, because i keep falling asleep so late and waking up so early. also thinking maybe i should take a couple days holiday to live in the city a little more.

i got a little sick again this week. i get sick a lot ever since getting the diabetes. i think maybe i let my blood sugar get too high and became a breeding ground for all mystery viruses. i ate cherries and drank tea and started to feel better on Saturday, which was lucky for it is Sofia’s birthday weekend.

i made a new theme for my blog which focuses on readability and is inspired by the web design of my friend’s blog in 2002.

we didn’t manage to go to the frida kahlo museum. it’s ticket-only and was sold out :-(

saturday we went to plaza toreo to get cute clothes and boots. we ate at a restaurant called perros & burros, which we were skeptical of but turned out to be delicioso. maybe we will go back and get one of their 4 foot long hot dogs. i drank 2 litres of beer with our delicious fajita lunch and took some very pretty pictures of the birthday girl. we shopped for clothes, i got some nice new shirts and a pair of slip-ons from vans. we bought matching shits the colour of frida kahlo’s house. we got some (a lot) of weed from a nice chap, and went home and drank beer and smoked weed from a pipe the birthday girl fashioned from a carrot and we talked and laughed and watched half of a movie and fell asleep.

Sunday we played some Mario Kart, spend a while trying to work out what the lyrics of the last verse of The Pogues – Fiesta is actually trying to say (using her native spanish and my native ability to understand shane macgowan when he talks), then we went to a big park and walked for a while, then to a place for burritos and margaritas, and then to walmart for groceries, and then home. she has left now to visit her cats.

in mexico you don’t get any vacation time until you’ve worked at a job for 1 year.

what programming languages can be used in embedded devices? c, c++, micropython, circuitpython, tinygo, zig, rust, ulisp… are there others? anyway i’m a sleepy little bitch and need to go now. xx love you, see you in the pyramids.

oh, p.s., i added more features to partyfingerd so you can now use the userpart to ask for a specific post. for example, this post can be read by running finger week-31-2022@chee.party.

2.5.5. Vending machines

Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {C} request with a list of all items currently available for purchase and possible consumption. Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {U}{C} request with a detailed count or list of the particular product or product slot. Vending machines should NEVER NEVER EVER eat money.