British Summer Time GMT+1

week 25 of 2024

  • sunrise today 6:45a.m.
  • sunset today 9:49p.m.

now we're in the calle de los jardines, a smaller room, warmer too. we ate a big meal of potato and fish, and drank a lot of tinto. the tv here has teletext. teletexto, en español. i've gotten back from the 24h farmacia where they sold me paracetamol in large dose.

the week has been very nice. i've written code an hour or so a day when i could catch the time. we've swam and walked around Sol and taken Metro. we were meant to take an electric car through zaragoza, i'd planned the route around the EV chargers between here and there. the goldstar representative tried to upsell us by around 1000 euros, and told us the EV chargers are all broken and you need a spanish ID and a card from the government. i don't like the guy. i tell him we'll just forget it instead and we go by foot, and uber, and foot to the spa apartsuite hotel. it's nice there with a balcony, lots of space and a kitchen.

so we're staying in madrid until the train to zaragoza. we've moved to a little room near puerta del sol which is spanish for charing cross. the days are long and full, zebra's sick now from a travelling bug and so i've brought the painkillers. we've had some wonderful meals. and other meals. i've cooked a few omelettes.

i may never have written as much code before as i've written for this new app. it's working so well now, though everything about it is a bit fucked. i am so excited to get it to a place where i can show it off.

when you meet, it's the outside versions of yourselves that meet. then you've gotta learn how to get the who you are when you're alone to get along. i really love this city, it's pushed itself quickly to one of the higher spots on my favourite cities list.

i could do with a spa day.

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 24 of 2024

sorry it's so late

it's eid. we made sumakiyyah or sumaghiyyeh or sumagiyya. i made it a bit too thick but it's pink and delicious.

there were a series of dramatic events due to being unable to acquire chard. i thought i'd write about them, but it looks like i won't.

in general there isn't much to report other than things are good. i haven't been getting much sleep but it's because i'm working on something exciting that might be important.

i hope you're well.

see you in spain.

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 23/24


very late!

i just spent four hours writing the wrong abstraction and now i have to unwrite it. the app i'm working on is coming along really well. it can store any kind of file as a document with infinite history and collaboration built in from the beginning. you can create views and new file types with plugins, upgrade old views, share docs and spaces with your friends. when i finish it, it'll replace a lot of software for me. but it might take the rest of my life to finish it.

other than that i'm really happy. we are eating tasty and going to spain. haven't made any music for a while, everything's on hold while i write littlebook.

i said hey siri play josie and the pussycats and siri said "ok! josie and the pussycats songs from the motion picture by josie and the pussycats now playing" and then the music started and few bars in it became apparent that it was all i want for christmas is a dukla prague away kit by half man half biscuit

we went to the zoo, for zoo nights, which was a lot of fun and it's a great time at the zoo on zoo nights. monkey was there and so were the others like zebra.

have a good week.

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 22 of 2024

hello there. it's 4am! i'm awake thinking about local-first software and the origin private file system and effect and notebook application.

i am hungry and i will eat eggs. going to pick the hedgehog up from the airport in a few hours.

there’s a really angry guy in the shop. angry because a homeless person asked him for money. you’ve got four legs haven’t you mate, he keeps on shouting at the guy, you’ve got four legs. with a tone like "same as me, i earn my money". as if anyone with four, the normal amount of legs, shouldn’t need spare change. the other guy keeps shooting back "shank me then!" "two legs!" "come outside and shank me!" i got the fella a pack of amber leaf and reassured him that he does not in actual fact have four legs.

-- update: i fell asleep and didn't meet the hedgehog at the airport and i feel terrible about it. what the hell. i should be shot.

the week i spent in pain because i had a 2020-style hormone delivery interruption and it was a hard week. but hedgehog is home now and it will be like the grey and white cat and then there will be spinach and ham with beans and eggs.

the week i've worked as much as i could handle and i've spent my free time reading about various technologies, and a couple of fiction books and now i'm reading havana blue by leonardo padura.

i have to go now to the train station with a can of monster because they don't have that in the UAE and then i will come home and it will be like the grey and white cat and then i'll do the next part

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 21 of 2024

it's 19 degrees celsius and partly cloudy and 1:00p.m..

i actually MADE lamb moussaka this week! it was delicious and LARGE the biggest aubergine in the world. it was so cute from the side with its 5 layers of 🍆 and zucchini and 🐑 and 🍅 and on top instead of bechamel it was an egg+yoghurt+mozzarella blend topped with parmesan.


yes, yesyes. what else? i wrote a shared list application you can make a project by going to /p/anything or a normal list with /l/anything. it is built with a library called yjs which implements a thing called CRDTs which are a very cool way of offline-first collaboration to always converge to the same document in a way that makes sense to a user. they quietly got really good 4 years ago when martin kleppman wrote a paper, a scholarly article, and now there is a lot of extremely exciting progress happening. they have the opportunity to change software completely, the next swing of the long pendulum in the grandfather clock of Big Computer<->Personal Computer. we can have software that runs locally on our computer, but syncs between our computer and our phone without having a Google or Amazon or anyone in between, just our own computers talking to each other. on top of that, you can invite your friend to work on your file too and you can work together, even offline, and when you both reconnect your changes will merge together. with no cloud in between! just talking to each other! also for kind of for free you get infinite undo, time travel, branching paths. and!! a man called Seph Gentle is working on an exciting thing right now that's going to make them even cooler. it's one of the most interesting things that's happening in the computer.

also another exciting thing inside the computer is which is a node.js-like runtime that can be used to build webview-powered native apps for mac, windows, linux, android and iOS.

zoozoo is going away for a week. did i mention we're going to spain? flying into madrid and out from barcelona. what fun.

i've lost hours over the past few days trying to pick a name for the app i'm trying to build, which is so much more fun than building it.

i hope your day is good, have an enjoyable bank holiday