by chee rabbits

British Summer Time


so now my stance is:

  • fuck React
  • fuck GraphQL
  • fuck yarn(1)
  • fuck Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and anything else that makes that company seem like a cool place to work so they can continue hiring good developers to do terrible things

After deleting Instagram a few mornings ago, I thought I’d use my GDPR data request to build a page that contained all the photos that used to be there. I wanted to be able to post to it later, and I wanted an RSS feed. I recently learned you can include a CSS stylesheet from an XML file, and was excited that this was the time to use that.

I built an RSS feed that’s also the website for the feed 😊.

Before I send you the link, Disclaimer: * big page (30mb) * does not work on iOS * does not work on macOS Safari

Here’s a link that you can add to your newsreader or visit in your browser: 💔 telecam. Isn’t that cool? i think it’s cool

In case you’re on one of the unsupported platforms, here’s what it looks like:

a screenshot of telecam

There’s also a form for uploading new photos living at 💔 telecam/form which has filters (and the filters are written in Rust! it has Toast!)

a screenshot of the form

So why does it not work in Safari?

Apple really did some real shitty 90s Microsoft-level Embrace, Extend, Extinguish move on their platforms with RSS. when came out it was a generic newsreader, and they made it the handler for all RSS feeds (even if you had another RSS reader installed).

They stopped displaying RSS feeds in Safari or iOS Safari, and opened the News app automatically they came out with the Apple News Format and the Apple Publishing Platform

and then in (i think??) iOS 9.3 they stopped supporting RSS feeds from anything not in the publishing platform. but it’s still the default handler, and the Safaris still can’t display the feed, and News still hijacks it even if you have another newsreader installed hijacks your legit rss feed and then errors out with “Cannot display content from this site” instead of letting you view the file or send it to your actual reader


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