by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

Last year me and Abe started working on some art together.

It's called today.

the today logo and favicon, made by abe.
it's a black and white plant pot and plant on a pixelated rainbow gradient.


Each page has a picture made by Abe with Word '97 in a Windows 98 Virtual Machine, and a looping sound by me.

office '97 logo

old windows logo

I make the sounds with a Nintendo Game Boy, a handheld compact cassette recorder and a teenage engineering op-1.

a game boy with a cat face on the screen

teenage engineering op-1 cow fx. a black cow silhouette with flashing neon pipes

You can view the next sound/picture pair by clicking the picture, eventually you'll loop around.

The most recent one is on the homepage/.

There's an RSS feed you can subscribe to, and you can append .json to any page (including the root!) to get a JSON representation of that page. Feel free to do whatever you want with that. The sounds and pictures are all creative commons share-alike.

day manager

Originally it was just a few HTML files, but when it started to take shape I wrote some scrappy JavaScript to generate the pages from a JSON file.

But that meant it was a manual process to put something live, or even preview a pairing.

So then I put together an app to manage the page. It takes uploaded media and puts it in Linode Object Storage (which is like S3 but without giving money to jeff).

There are three concepts. **sounds**, **pictures** and **days**.


The page for sounds shows a grid of every sound that isn't part of a day.

screenshot of the sounds page, showing three un-dayed sounds.

you can click one to preview it, and you can drag a .flac file onto the window to upload a new one. It'll get a random name like spooky ocean. (adjectiveish noun).


The pictures page is a grid of all the pictures, paired or not.

screenshot of the pictures page. two used and one unused picture.

This is where you add the alt text, and also where you can select the Make a day of it button.

make a day of it

The make a day of it page is where you can preview how a particular picture will work with each available sound.

the “make a day of it” page

When you find something that works, you can give it a name and it will be the new homepage the very next moment.


The days page shows a grid of every day there's ever been.

the homepage of today manager showing days

danger mode

It's scary to have delete buttons lying around, so those are hidden behind DANGER MODE, which can only be activated by manually adding ?danger=danger to the URL.

After deleting anything, you're redirected back to the non-danger page.


ok, that's all. thanks.

password entry screen. it's the bad ending from bubble bobble.