British Summer Time

accidental damage

There was someone with a voice I didn't recognise laughing in the hallway outside my apartment; they had a really strange laugh. While I was trying to process this strange new clown enemy, a wasp flew at me. I really can't handle wasps; I have a phobia. In a panic state I swung out at the great beast with whatever was in my hands: my Lenovo Thinkpad T14s (Gen1).

It crashed against the door and the screen came off its hinge.


My windows were closed all day yesterday, the wasp must have been inside a long time. I found it this morning in the kitchen. It was crawling around on the radiator, trying to scale a bottle of aloe vera hand sanitizer.

Each time it would get a little further, and then fall back to the radiator. Sometimes it fell through the holes in the radiator and had to climb all the way back up the internals.

So small it seemed now, the great beast of yesterday, I chose to spare it. Opening the kitchen window, watching the tiny pitiable creature muster enough strength to fly out into the morning sun, I must admit, I felt a little tinge of hope.