British Summer Time

Sunday, June 27th 2021

  • we went to heffalump and weasel for abe's vaccine on Tuesday
    • i had a too-sweet salad from pret and worked on 🛸**I WANT TO LEAVE** 🛸
  • on thursday afternoon i released 🛸**I WANT TO LEAVE** 🛸
  • on thursday night i went to the park with some nice new people and drank calimocho and kalimotxo blonde until 2am
    • it was nice, they were nice, it was good
  • saturday was trans pride. i stayed in bed and whittled cotton buds
  • gpg seems to be crumbling before our very eyes
    • is down and deprecated
    • just pointed at that, so it's gone too now
    • debian are no longer using gpg for signing packages
    • what's going on?
  • the pentagon's UAP (u.f.o.) report came out on Friday.
    • they timed it to go along with the release of 🛸**I WANT TO LEAVE** 🛸
    • turns out the pentagon needs more money
    • the reporting on it embarrasses itself acting as if the pentagon's "confusion" can be taken at face value
  • i made a cooked breakfast this afternoon