by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

so the UK government actually passed a bill that allows for cops and informants to get immunity to literally any crime

it was given royal assent in March and it's fucked up.

also the list of relevant authorities allowed to authorize legal crime by cops and snitches is really funny:

Police forces etc - Any police force. - The National Crime Agency. - The Serious Fraud Office. The intelligence services - Any of the intelligence services. The armed forces - Any of Her Majesty’s forces. Revenue and Customs - Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Government departments - The Department of Health and Social Care. - The Home Office. - The Ministry of Justice. Other bodies - The Competition and Markets Authority. - The Environment Agency. - The Financial Conduct Authority. - The Food Standards Agency. - The Gambling Commission.

love to be legally murdered by a Food Standards Agency informant.

there was an amendment to say that it was still illegal for cops to rape, kill and torture

and that amendment was: rejected

the other police bill is in the house of commons for its third reading today (the one that makes protest (or being a gypsy) illegal). i read the 139 pages of tabled amendments early this morning when i couldn't sleep. some of them are pretty good. one of them makes it illegal to buy a dog with cash.

there's an amendment to specify explicitly that protest is legal, but it doesn't really go far enough because it allows public bodies to intervene to "prevent disorder", which.. protest is disorder

but there's another amendment to actually remove the whole Public Order section (that's the section about protest), which would be great!

and some amendments that say if a council is kicking travelers out they have to first offer them a caravan site

there's another amendment that says the whole "protest is illegal" section can't come into effect until after a general election has been held, and then both houses of parliament have to ratify it

labour wants the chance to campaign with "vote for us if you don't want protest to be illegal" which is very funny

anyway, let's learn español