by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

sunday, august 8th 2021

  • had a lovely lunch with
  • did lots of viewings all week
  • got the second shot of the vaccine
    • it beat me up, but less than last time
    • but, i've recovered from the vaccine into having some kind of a cold? it sucks
  • i bought a portable cd player
    • back in the day the big thing was 3-second anti-skip
      • this one has 40-second anti-skip!
      • it calls itself jogproof
    • i went to the charity shop and bought every CD they have that i had any connection to
      • i have a pretty weird collection of albums now
      • eminem, bloodhound gang, shania twain, elliott smith,
  • i cooked abe a steak dinner on wednesday
    • it made him very happy
  • i need to take a holiday
  • tried to watch Luca, but it was a movie about two people getting two know each other and that was too much and i had to go cry my eyes out on the sofa
  • had a nice coffee with abe on friday
  • went to a charity shop and dropped off some formerly cherished belongings

the wet ground with chunky fleshy berries red and yellow

  • I wish I was whatever animal eats these chunky berries. maybe a fox? or bodger
  • had a dream where i met somebody called Mippen
    • their mother lived in the foreign ministry
    • they took my coat home, with my passport in my pocket
    • after the place crashed, they walked on their knees and drank from the river
  • Sevenoaks seems like a nice place to live
    • it is an island, surrounded not by water but by the national trust
    • there's a station there called Bat & Ball
    • there is a train that goes from Sevenoaks/Bat&Ball through Peckham all the way to Blackfriars. it takes about an hour
    • the train has a declassified first class, and originates at sevenoaks. so you will nearly always get a little table and a place to plug in computer
    • it's quite cheap too, for somewhere well connected
  • i often feel like a dog that got into the school
  • i bought some superglue, on the back it says "if you need help: go to"
  • sat in a park singing along to my elliott smith cd, and text some people from back home to find out what the craic is
    • everyone is older now
  • on saturday evening me and Abe went out and drank beers in a park and talked for hours, then we went to a bar and he lay down on my lap
  • this morning he left
  • i'm sick and really annoyed about it
  • anyway i'm going to visit

something new i do when i can't sleep is i make chili. i have a hard time sleeping when i'm alone. does anybody want any chili?