by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

October 10th Twenty-twenty-one

I've just returned from my morning constitutional, and now it's time to write a blog post.

  • pissed off this week

    • someone I'd made plans with cancelled at the last minute and then ignored me for three days, so that pissed me off
    • someone I invited to my house cast aspersions about the place and mocked my claim that i would be able to keep it tidy. it's a home I'm very proud to have made, where everything has a place, and I work on keeping it clean every day. so that pissed me off
    • people keep attributing changes in my personality to "age" "maturity" and "getting older" that are the result of a lot of work getting over mental illness. i have to work at it every day, but it makes it seem like I could have instead just waited until I was 33. so that has pissed me off
    • someone made a joke about how the work I've spent months on has made their life slightly more inconvenient, so that pissed me off
  • i've spent my whole life letting myself be disrespected by people who were meant to be my friends because they didn't understand me, or they thought i was insane. if you don't respect me now, you can fuck off, im busy.

  • been listening to ELECTRIC SHOCK by FUFU on repeat all week

    • they are a trap artist from Costa Rica

    • they are non-binary

    • they are so cool

    • they switch between English and Spanish while they are rapping, sometimes in the middle of lines, and it sounds so good. it's like they're doing skateboarding tricks in my ears. they're so cool

    • i found it in a playlist called TRAP DIVAS but then i read their twitter profile and one time they tweeted "i am a boy.. and i am a girl.... no es difícil de entender"

    • before that they tweeted "blue boy"

  • I had a delivery from on Friday and have been living quite the life of tacos and chili con carne

    • this morning i started the day with a kind of improvised huevos divorciados; in this case two eggs (sunny side up, lightly steamed) separated by a river of refried beans. one egg with salsa verde and the other with pickled red onions, sour cream (both of which I made yesterday) and hot sauce. I had no red salsa.
  • my life is finally a good balance of work, cooking, art and raves.

  • i'm working on a game for the PicoSystem called CHICKEN EGG HOLE

  • in which the chicken puts the egg in the hole

animation of chicken egg hole being played. it shows that the chicken avoids colonel sanders to put the egg in the hole. if the chicken goes in the hole, the screen goes black and display "chicken hole :-("


  • chicken egg hole teaches you to load sprites, take user input, and have win and loss states
    • colonel sanders is only an obstacle. but maybe the obstacle should be piles of straw and maybe colonel sanders should eat the chicken and maybe colonel sanders should eat the egg.