British Summer Time GMT+1

Sunday, 2021-10-24

  • eating a beyond burger
    • do you think we ever would have figured out we could do this with vegetables if we'd never eaten meat?
      • probably not, right?
        • so, question: what else can we do with vegetables ??
    • it's fucked up people invented bread though
    • sometimes if you talk to a vegan about beyond burgers they will stare at you with wide open eyes and a chilling smile and say "IT BLEEDS"
  • i've been sick most of the week. also my blood sugar has been really high and has been melting the roof of my mouth. starting to feel better today
LFO device
  • i'm making a little usb midi lfo device
    • currently implementing the bpm-synced sin function, which is much harder without a little math man about the house
  • i don't know if i have anything else to report
  • ATB's 9pm (til i come) was playing in Lewisham shopping center when i was leaving yesterday.
    • second single i ever bought
    • it came in a cardboard sleeve with a sticker saying "HMV Import"
    • i bought it in the upstairs of a mall in Northern Ireland that I have never been to again, and have no idea where it is
      • that was also the first time i saw the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind
    • the first single i bought was Flat Beat by Mr Oizo.
      • got that in woolies
  • ricky martin's livin la vida loca was the first #1 single to be fully made in a DAW
  • when i was having absolutely lysergic sit on a bench in battersea park last week, i realized i'd been drunk since July so i took a break for a week
  • i have a spot on my right areola. it looks and feels like a third nipple
  • thanks