by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time


  • persistent fireworks in the uncultivated gorse
  • does anyone know how the public domain works internationally, with the internet? like, WC Fields movies are public domain in the UK but not in the US. what happens if I make something based on a Fields movie and put it on Internet??
  • I am nesh
  • the etymology of "bits and bobs" might be pennies and shillings
  • it's good and normal that Eric Schmidt and Henry Kissinger(!) are buddies who write books together
  • I went to a birthday gathering last night, today has been a write-off. I need to take some time off work to make some music, but not for the next fortnit
    • I have a new desk coming on Wednesday, to replace the music nook
  • my taxi driver told me I looked very beautiful and asked me if I'd ever tried "casual"
    • but luckily moments later they pondered aloud "why is elon musk so rich" and I was able to talk non-stop for 29 minutes about his great-grandmother (the first chiropractor in Canada!) and GM and energy credits and California law and the S&P500 and never let it go back to the previous topic (until I was out of the car, when it once again did)
    • I was also on the phone with somebody when I got into the taxi and they stayed on the line and chipped in ideas, like I was a talk-show host. a lot of fun
  • the fireworks continue