Greenwich Mean Time GMT

Domingo 2021-11-14

  • Britney free
  • today i'm going to bleach my hair and drink tequila in the bath
  • i got a new desk for making music, a new music making station

  • the music nook has been repurposed as a soldering nook, just need to get a little heatproof mat for it
  • this week i've been taking strength any time i might wanna text somebody, or be sad about the past, from an interview with Snow where she says "i ain't gonna fuck with nobody that doesn't whole-heartedly fuck with me"
  • i was sick a lot of the week
  • got some new clothes, they're cute
    • haven't really bought many new clothes for a while. i have a lot of old clothes that are full of holes i've had for many years that i need to replace.
    • got a new coat. it's a black and large and has a big fluffy hood
    • it's been 3 years since i've had to go out by myself in ropa nueva and i really didn't expect it to make me so nervous, but it did
    • among the new clothes are a multi-coloured Thumper t-shirt and a gold rabbit necklace.
  • i'd like to recommend wearing sunglasses in the bath. feels amazing, don't know why.
  • cried a lot this week. really bored of it.
  • how is it still fireworks day?
    • someone let off a bunch of fireworks in the street right outside my window on Friday evening, it went on for about an hour. i was afraid like dog.
  • it's good when baby cows wear those little hats

"I ain't gonna fuck with nobody that don't whole-heartedly fuck with me"

Snow Tha Product