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twenty-twenty-one twelve twelve

muy sorprendido de aprender que es domingo

  • i've been sick all week

    • that's so common now

    • swollen throat and an ear infection (the hole in my right ear means anything that happens in either spreads to the other)

  • Christmas celebrations were making me sad. distant anytime anyone asked me what i was doing.

    • i don't go back to the place I was born

    • made Christmas dinner the last couple years

    • don't know what Christmas is meant to be alone in blackheath

      • but I do like Christmas
        • the idea of making the darkest and coldest days of the year the warmest and brightest
    • if i think of it as navidad instead, that frees it from the tyranny of the past

      • i've got a poinsettia and I'm making pozole and i've invited some wood and tin animals to stay - i live in a taqueria and that's my business
  • if anyone wants any Chamoy Liquid hit me up, I accidentally have about 1.4 litres of it (three 475ml bottles) and want around 0ml (zero 475ml bottles) of it

  • some dude on a train handed me a note on a folded up betting sheet as I was getting off at my stop

    • I did not like it
    • it said "I Really ❤️ Your Pink Hair. text me. I'm single and ready to mingle. ahaha X" and featured a phone number and a name
    • I was wearing a beanie and sunglasses and a pink medical mask. literally none of my face was visible. they want to mingle with my hair? my large unappealing impractical body?
    • I will simply never use the train again
    • I am double and not looking for trouble
  • anyway, i hope you are well (I am not)

  • if I think of all the different meanings of the word "present" and try to hold them all at once I overheat