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2021/12/19 - let's go

feliz domingo baby

I continued to be sick for most of the week, but I felt better on Thursday and went to the club, but staying up late made me feel ill again. however I attended work on Friday to be in the weekly meeting, and to watch Die Hard with everyone. Die Hard was good again, though I felt a bit rough at first until I drank far too much tequila.

the club requires a lateral flow test to get in, but what that means in practical terms is that a girl texts your friend the code from the back of a lateral flow test and you register it on the government website as a negative.

here's a picture gallery

  • strange talavera cat

  • ignore the Valentina sauce on my forehead

  • popsocket

  • containing Burt's bees

  • horse warning

  • for nochebuena

  • protective armadillo

  • barky woofer

I gave up on avoiding big tech and now have Instagram and WhatsApp and have installed the stock Pixel ROM on my phone and have a YouTube account where I've subscribed to Snow Tha Product's video podcast and you know what? it's really convenient lol. I think I'll still avoid Amazon, but mostly I've given up.

This other thing that I've been dealing with has reached a conclusion that has given me a sense of calm and I am ready for anything now.

I have a sore ear and throat.

I got a /usr/games/catclock for the wall

OK. I'd better make my Sunday song, and then dinner. I hope you are having a good Christmas period. Feliz navidad, baby.