Greenwich Mean Time

week 5; 2022

it's february!

  • i continued not to smoke use nicotine for the rest of the week
    • very easily frustrated!!
  • had coffee with my ex on Tuesday morning
    • lol!
  • i binged and purged on Tuesday evening which was a real throwback!!!
  • dani brought the small bottle of tajín i gave her to dubai and has been sending me photos of it on its various trips around town
  • on 2/2/22 i began to manifest my dreams as a physical reality, and soon there will be more to show for that
  • when people say "vitamin D" i always think they mean "dick"
  • stayed home instead of going out and made music most of the week
  • have to travel an hour on a train to pick up something i left at someone's house on NYE so i'd best be off