British Summer Time GMT+1

week 15; 2022



i completely forgot it was domingo, and nearly forgot to write a post.

i'm a little low energy today.

  • after writing the blog post on Sunday i booked a flight back to CDMX. i will be flying on the 27th of April and coming home on the 10th of Mayonnaise. i can't wait. if i had higher energy i would have so much to say about this. pero, it's the most exciting.
  • later on Sunday evening i went out to Fox & Firkin with Val and Ben and (briefly) Ted. it was a nice time, we had some nice chats. i have the biggest smile on my face all the time. I drank one tequila and one beer and then I walked home.
  • jimena watched all of Derry Girls
  • i finally remembered how we started talking, I said "do you mind if i smoke?" i'd given up smoking 8 weeks earlier, hadn't had a single puff, but then i was drunk at the festival and a pack of marlboro reds was about £2 instead of like £20 so i bought them. so glad i did. smoking saves lives.
  • we had a nice phone call on Monday. the connection was really bad and there were a lot of times we didn't hear each other well... but it was so sweet and it was so good. we confirmed we feel the same.
  • had a chat about work. had a meeting at work. things might be looking up. too soon to say.
  • we watched the new episode of Derry Girls on-line together.
  • my manager left on wednesday. went for drinks after work. talked to some people i hadn't seen in a while. it was nice.
  • some things have happened that i don't have the right focus to type up, but... we are both putting a lot of work in to making sure that whatever is going on it is healthy. and it's really a beautiful feeling.
  • thursday i was pretty hungover, had another meeting. went really well. things might be looking up. nothing's final.
  • it's nice to know that i have met somebody who has the same explicit highly sexual fantasies as me such as having breakfast together or chatting and holding hands
  • friday morning i bought a new computer and went to Bromley to pick it up. it's a gold macbook air, it looks pink in most light. it's cute. i stuck a PARTY HARD sticker to it. bromley is cute too, i will come back here.
  • on Saturday i went to a party at the house of some work people. it was nice. saw some people i hadn't seen in a long time. i left before the party was over, but after the party was done.
  • she wore bunny rabbit earrings to her sisters birthday. when i am anxious now i remember about the bunny rabbit earrings and everything kind of fades away.
  • it's 10 days now until my flight. that's a countdown. i have to start getting ready and i haven't even recovered from coming back. i will not be going outside until my flight. i cannot risk getting sick before the 27th. i cannot remember the last time i felt this much joy and optimism. it's pouring out of me. i can feel sometimes when i'm laughing that my smile is bigger than it's ever been, my muscles tingling in my cheeks.