British Summer Time GMT+1

week 16; 2022

ayyyy. getting on a plane in 3 days. cdmx, jimena, pueblo, waterfalls. the whole kit and caboodle.

  • bunny rabbit ears

anxiety is so weird because it’s often just a sensation, but then it goes searching around for things to attach itself to, to rationalize its existence. and then it feels like it’s about that thing, but it’s actually just an independent feeling that’s not about anything. but then it can also be cured by the thing it attached itself to getting better or changing, so that makes it seem like it really was about that. that's a real fuck.

work on CORN (quiet party's next release) has ramped up. i know the shape of it now. so far I have 5 tracks for it. hopefully I can make another today. and when i'm en el extranjero it will be my day job. i think i will release it in May. CORNquiet partyMay 2022. it'll be released here, cc0, and then will be available on Spotify and iTunes shortly after that. it's really difficult to mix in this flat because of the beautiful high ceilings and big flat walls.

you know, last month i didn't wanna live and now i wanna live forever. anyway.

on Wednesday I went for coffee with the lovely Becky Avery at the little bookshop café on the corner. she's great. it's good in that little bookshop. there are a lot of books going in and out, but none appearing to be sold. Heaps and heaps of books being taken out on trolleys by large schoolboys and later a sack man comes in with another sack of books. It's going to need closer inspection when i return to London. i met becky's cats. they are very handsome and respectful. noble cats.

i've got a lot of joy. it's coming out of my skin. i'm almost at bursting point. as far as feelings are concerned, i've reached capacity. if i try to picture the atmosphere of next week's post, i just can't. i have no idea. blank paper. bright, bright yellow-white light.