hora de verano central

week 18; 2022

theme song for the blog post
  • feliz y contenta

  • not much to say...

  • turns out it's mayan year of the rabbit, and i'm the rabbit

  • released CORN. it's perfect.

  • started work on the next quiet party album, it's going well. will be plenty of TR-727 and TB-303. expect a July release. it's called big waterfall.

  • i am covered in cuts and bruises from head to toe

  • going to stay here an extra week

  • this week has been... beautiful. don't know what to say. we had some lunches, walked around. had some important conversations. ate some important tacos. i walked A LOT. my feet are raw. some important structures were built, important decisions. it's been a very long, very important, very powerful week. but i don't even know what to say. we just had a lovely time.

  • On Friday evening she came over and i cooked champ with beef in onion and red wine gravy with mushrooms and green tomatoes. made some super tropey memories. i couldn't even ignore it at the time. she brought a bottle of wine, i was making dinner, we didn’t have a corkscrew so we opened the bottle of wine with a knife. There was thunder and lightning outside. we had the window open and the front door open (metal outer door closed). the sound of pouring rain, holding the bottle still on the kitchen counter while she plunged a knife into the cork. did not feel real, it felt like when a TV show gets into its third season and starts introducing scenes showing the characters when they first met. not a good tv show either. network television. like the blacklist or something. we didn’t have glasses so we drank red wine out of these handmade ceramic mugs... sat on the step out the front smoking cigarettes and talking. eating dinner. thunder and lightning. watched derry girls later. drank anise and mezcal and wine.

  • on Saturday morning she did her class while i cooked breakfast and made music. on Saturday afternoon we went to pick up some v v cute vintage Sandylion stickers she bought for me. cats and rabbits. i stuck one on my computer. it has a great energy. we ate hamburgers and she forced me to put myself first.

  • anyway... yeah. everything's very chill, beautiful, i'm... it's good.

  • keep feeling like it's just about to rain.

the hand-made ceramic mugs

the front door

i have this whole superking bed

but we fell asleep in this bottom bunk sharing 1 tiny pillow for some reason