hora de verano central CDT

week 19; 2022

he just wants your money

i’m locked out of my apartment lmao. this wasn't even me fucking around, it just happened. i’ve accidentally discovered a bug with the Kwikset keypad where you can get it to think it is open when it is in fact closed. it’s very interesting but my shoes are in there.

anyway. let’s talk about my week.

  • i am so fucking happy. feliz y contenta. ay.
  • she read my blog all the way back to September and still loves me. i never really thought about somebody reading all this
  • (i'm no longer locked out. apartment manager Lety arrived to save me. we love Lety. she took my batteries though, so now i'm locked in. an exciting new problem!!)
  • home of the rave and land of the chee
  • occult graffiti on balderas near ayunmiento
  • can’t believe i didn’t mention last week when i told her she could call me and i would sing for her and she called me and i sang I Love How You Love Me (accompanied by an op-1 piano pad sound) and she cried. and she told me i have a beautiful voice and not just when singing, and then i cried
  • there's a lot to talk about, but i guess i need to start an after hours blog
  • anyway
  • some very sweet things have happened, some tears, some beautiful stuff
  • kinda feel like the whole writers staff of my life has quit or been fired and now they've hired real cheap replacements. i'm really at fanfic levels of life events and thoughts right now
  • anyway
  • jimena's coming over for laundry and breakfast. it was a really big week, with a lot of very large and important conversations. can't believe i'm going to be in London in 4 days.
  • i worked from Mexico city this week. waking up between 4 and 5a.m. and checking in on london hours. it went well! this is a schedule i could really do!!!
    • get up at 4:30a.m.
      • tomar mi hormonas y mi medicacíon
      • send a message into stand-up
    • work until 7am (about u.k. lunch time)
      • have breakfast
      • have a shower
    • get back to work around 8a.m.
    • work until lunch time
      • meet jimena for lunch
    • come home and make music for a few hours in the daylight
    • have dinner, drink a michelada, go to bed
    • ¿kind of a dream schedule?
  • i don't know what the weeks apart will be like, but i have a lot of hope. i switched to Vodafone so i'd get free data while i'm in Mexico, and i also get some free international minutes too.
  • when i get home i'm going to sell a bunch of stuff i don't need
  • no idea what the next section of my life looks like tbh. but i know what must be done.
  • maybe we're past that "let's see what happens" stage and now we're in that "let's decide what happens" place

ella me ama