by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 21; 2022

wow i completely forgot to write a post!! it's okay, it's still Sunday in Mexico city.

  • studies appear to be showing a single dose of the HPV vaccine is nearly as effective as a 3-dose course?
    • getting vaccinated next wed
  • attended an on-line design conf. it was quite good but for me the best part of a conf is standing outside smoking cigarettes and talking to people about their work, and that isn't available on-line
  • made music a lot. can't stop making music based on this one rhythm.
  • went into the office on Wednesday, eh
  • on friday night i went out to the office then i went on a big walk all around and i hungered for some kind of adventure
    • i stepped into some random bar
    • turned out the guy who owned it was Venezuelan and the chef was from... San Salvador, i think.
    • at one point i was talking to the chef and he suddenly turned around to the door and shouted QUE PASA COME IN AND DANCE QUE PASA WE HAVE SALSA
      • turned out there were two girls outside, who turned out to be Mexican. he didn't know them he just has some kind of spider sense for when someone speaks Spanish apparently
      • they came in and we drank and talked and eventually they closed the bar and we went into the back to play domino and listen to music in the dark
        • gabi and i lost at domino and so we had to dance
    • stayed until about midnight
    • anyway it's a great bar and we should all go together
  • me and Jimena napped together over webcam ay
  • on Sunday i went to that lewisham sound system trail thing with Becky and Val. it was good fun. then we went out for jerk chicken.
  • ay. my life mostly happens happy in the computer atm.
  • now i need to figure out when i'm going, how to sort it out with work, and then i need to book a flight.