by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 24; 2022

  • hi :)
  • tomorrow is RABBIT 🐇 RABBIT 🐇 RABBIT 🐇
  • it's also the anniversary of the unpleasant cultural shift
  • if you would be interested in a television show about magick yet also about debt, and about community and about capitalism, not dark or gritty but still deep and touching, with lots of subtle and precise humour, with plenty of patterns and hints and sacred numbers, with a great storyline, and a great cast i would like to recommend Lodge 49. it's really really good. it's uplifting.
    • as well as plain jokes, some of it is the kind of stuff Spike Milligan would find funny like a regular object just being slightly bigger than expected or a very carefully chosen word
  • i need to book a hotel. right now i only have a flight and it's less than 3 weeks away. i'll be landing at 4am!
  • i keep getting sick
  • ok so i didn't realize the bitcoin currency symbol was added to unicode in 2017
    • which
    • fine whatever, however
    • check this out:
    • ₿-)
    • i'm wearing fancy little glasses
  • people love saying “everything is gonna be OK” but actually we’re all gonna die
    • maybe that's beautiful
  • AMLO said "a government without corruption is useless" by mistake which is funny sort of
  • things were a little hard, but now they are once again beautiful
  • Garden hermit | Wikipedia
  • this is funnier than it should be Top ten numbers from 1-10 | Letterman | YouTube- if you make an effort to get out of your house as soon as possible every morning, that's very helpful. just the first thing you gotta do is get outside for 10 mins as soon as you can, it really helps make the day work
  • i'm excited to be alive