by chee rabbits

British Summer Time


The default application created when you start a New Multiplatform App project with Xcode is one the all time greatest pieces of art.

When you first run it, you see this:

An application with a sidebar, a plus icon and a preview pane with the text "Select an item"

Select an item

It invites me to Select an item, but there are no items. What now?

Ay, I'll press that ➕.

Same view as before, with a new date time entry in the sidebar

An item!

Fantastic! An item! I look forward to selecting it.

The same view with the item selected in the sidebar. The preview pane now shows "Item at 23/06/22 1059"

There it is

Ay, there it is

My item

The same view with many more entries in the sidebar.

I can have as many items as I like.

During setup I selected Core Data and CloudKit, so my items are synced across all my devices and are available wherever I need them.

This is the perfect application. Any time I have an idea, or see an article I'd like to read later, I will create an item representing it in my Application.