British Summer Time

week 25; 2022

we near the halfway point of the year

  • hey, sometimes you just gotta prepare yourself to be a sacred space within which the bestial howl of the triumphant proletariat can resound with new energy and new hope
  • read from an old diary today. unrecognizable.
  • mostly at the moment i just
    1. work
    2. learn spanish
    3. plan for mexico
  • i went out on monday and sat on a bench and ate some snacks and looked at a fox and did my spanish lesson
  • on tuesday i made a packed lunch at lunch time and went and sat on a bench in the middle of some grass and did my spanish lesson
  • spent wednesday reading the apple developer documentation to make an app but it turns out you can't actually use the iCloud APIs even in development without paying them £79 which i absolutely cannot afford, was excited for a bit.
  • thursday was another day
  • friday. well, look. america is over now.
  • saturday and sunday i just spent chatting with jime and getting ready to prepare to pack for mexico. oh i also watched some of the RMT demo on-line and it was really good
  • i didn’t post this on sunday because i fell asleep on computer
  • i fly in 10 days. 6 weeks with the one i love.