by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 26; 2022

new job

ok, well i have a new job now.


i've been looking at a lot of photos of owls

  • these fucksers are weird
  • like, i think we've been ignoreing them too long
  • letting them get up to all sorts of shit
  • look at a picture of an owl
  • like fi you found out they were really in charge , would you be surprised?
  • like can it be normal to be furious curious feathered egg?
  • if you look closely you can see that the owl is actually a mask being worn by a pretty young woman

neil young

In a 1985 interview with Melody Maker, musician Neil Young said “It is scary. You go to a supermarket and you see a faggot behind the fuckin’ cash register, you don’t want him to handle your potatoes"

In 1984 Young backed Ronald Reagan, saying: 'I'm tired of people constantly apologising for being Americans.'

I, a Canadian, am no longer going to apologize for being from the United States

get wet

i fell asleep holding a beer and got wet

get fast

i enabled caching and Turbo Links so my blog is much faster now. zoom zoom, in fact.

police horse

watched a lady give a flower from her garden to the rider of a police horse, and the rider let the police horse sniff it before tucking it into her saddle and they rode away

police woman launches inquiry about roses

police woman affixes rose to the saddle

duckpin bowling

let's go bowling if you're not busy

it can be duckpin


i'm going to Mexico City for 6 weeks in like 4 days time. 7 weekends. can't wait.

CIA/remote viewing/Gateway Experience/1,000,000 year old aliens

Good advice from the CIA:

Be intellectually prepared to react to possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded.

Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process

good doc. i like the idea of the universe as a holograph that i pass through my personal holograph (brain/consciousness) in 3 dimensions in order to get around and get my business done (buy milk etc). also like the idea of the brain as an insulator required to keep a piece of consciousness in one place so that we (god) can experience the novelty of being at many different points in the universe at once (people).

a head with eyes closed being intersected in the middle by 3 planes (one of each dimension)

please, i am trying to think.

some time in the future we maybe we will laugh at people from now who pointed at a blob of jelly in the skull and says “the person lives in there “. “that’s where consciousness comes from, that jelly. you shouldn’t need any more info”. materialism is great for going to the shop and buying milk, materialism is great for economic theory, but for art i need something more... "clicked out"

on Friday night i thought too much about the very tall skinny million year old aliens mentioned in this CIA remote viewing experiment and i spooked myself out completely and had to close the blinds. i just don’t want to look at the window and see its eyes. i spooked myself out so hard that i could literally feel its presence and not just that, i knew we had met before and that i owed it something lmao. it felt like an ancient memory coming from my DNA and crawling in my skin. in the morning i could laugh about it, but at 2am i could only:

  1. close the blinds
  2. lie down
  3. wait for it all to be over

Jimena called around then and i talked about it so i could stop being spooked out, usually that helps, but this time i just spread the spook to her and now everybody was spooked. jajaja.