by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 27; 2022

  • Thursday was fucking long
  • Friday was fucking hard
  • Saturday was really big.
  • ngl... on Friday there were moments when i wasn't sure we were gonna make it

Over the weekend I started to develop some flu symptoms. Got real bad Monday night after many hours of meetings. Tuesday woke up dead. Almost couldn't believe it, flying in 3 days and dead today. My throat, my head, my fever. I get sick a lot these days, and it's mostly pretty OK, but this flu gosh almighty. Took 3 covid tests when i was at my sickest, all said no, so when the fever broke on Wed i figured I would still be OK to fly 36 hours later on Thursday night. The flight was OK. aeromexico's a very different experience. I was dehydrated a lot, couldn't get a hold of a flight attendant. Still now my voice is fucked and hurts, my nasal passage is dry and painful. my sinuses are so blocked, but i've been steaming myself dirty. every few hours i can breathe for a few minutes and it's second to none.

it's strange how Luke Vibert's best album Big Soup is not available on any of the streaming platforms.

since i've been here we've mostly just hung around the apartamento and worked on stuff and stuff. at the risk of sounding incredibly gay it truly is, like, the light of my life just to be here with her. in the same room. eating maruchan, watching her work.

the apartment i'm staying in, I have to talk to security every time i leave. i don't like that.

i slept well last night. i'll have to remember to take notes this week, because today i've only been here two days and so much has happened. Saturday was weeks long.

this mind bending optical illusion is hiding two animals.

my big ambition for the next week: empty sinuses and a clear mind.