by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 28; 2022

Sometimes the only thing between you and total desolation is a fortune cookie

My first week here has been nice. Hard sometimes, mostly because I've been sick a lot. I had that flu then later in the week I started vomiting bile. We drank ocho tequila in a little bar and it started to rain and we had to run inside and it was a lovely afternoon. We went shopping for clothes and that was a lovely day. We keep coming home with the intention of getting drunk and having a big fun night but then we just curl up in bed and immediately fall asleep.

I made a chili con carne tonight. It's delicious.

I looked everywhere in el supermercado for cumin and oregano and couldn't find any.

i bought some chili powder, the only kind there was. when i got home, i learned that in fact the chili powder had cumin and oregano and sweet paprika and pimento jajaja

it's chili con carne powder‼️ jajaja

There's been thunder and lightning all week and rain and medium temps. It's been lovely. Back in London the heat seems crazy. I hope everyone is keeping safe.

I've been enjoying the storms, I've recently started a new job and it's been going good mostly though I feel frustrated that I don't understand the data and I don't know how to understand the data and I think everything would be a lot easier if it was easier to understand the data but I don't know if I can change anything.

British big cats - Wikipedia

nothing much to report! just been recovering and occasionally shopping! ate some good barbacoa!!! good days, good nights, been good. been learning some Zig too! great language! really excited about it!!!