hora de verano central CDT

week 30; 2022

i gave myself an inverted bob with the kitchen scissors. it looks really cute! you can do anything if you just believe and drink a bottle of mezcal.

"what are you thinking about?" "UNIX"

going out for breakfast with her family for her mother's birthday today. very anxious about it. i understand little Spanish and speak much less.

chee, 10a.m.

it was a wonderful time. they are lovely people. we went to a museum and looked at stained glass and wandered around the historic centre, an area of mexico city i know and love well. on laurita's advice, i employed physical comedy. hiding the salt, pretending to eat a spoon with a knife and fork.

she was finishing some work for her diplomat this week and it meant a lot of staying up until 3-4. being a dog, it is difficult for me to sleep when the other members of the household are awake and doing strange things at the kitchen table so i was awake late most night. i've been sleeping just a couple hours a night, because work starts at 5-6. i got some good sleep towards the weekend, though, and the diplomat is basically finished now so we have more free time to do fun things together. on Friday night we lay in bed drinking tequila, and then we got up and went on a long walk. she forgot her big puffy coat on Thursday so i brought it to her at lunch and we ate hamburguesas. it's been a big week for hamburguesas and tequila.

in other news i've been writing a lot of code and publishing it. and reading a lot about the history of UNIX again. sometimes i feel like i'm re-litigating my past. not sure what else to write about right now. i'm more tired now than i've been in a very long time, and it feels great.

if you're looking for some computer stuff to do i'd like to recommend Zig and

good luck, everyone.

oh, nobody cares about this, but i revoked my pgp key and the new public key is available at https://chee.party/public.key and all good keyshops. support your local keyring.

my e-mail is yay@chee.party.

ok, time to finish unpacking the groceries and then hopefully writing a bit of the code i was going to write today. lol i went out for breakfast until like 10p.m.

she just called and informed me that next weekend we (her family, me and her, and the young man her sister is stepping out with) are going to frida kahlo's house

then the weekend after we are going to the pyramids at Teotihuacan

then the weekend after that we are going to Isla Janitzio en Patzcuaro en Michoacan

the day after that i fly to London.