by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 34; 2022

can you believe it's alrightedly Snuday?


don't think i mentioned last week that Morelia smells like seaweed. it's nowhere near the sea. what's going on? do lagoons smell like seaweed? did i talk about taking a boat to the island of janitzio or the man who looked like he was here to fix your computer turning up and singing from the belly so loud with opera vibrato? don't let me get away with not posting about last weekend and last last weekend with photies.

el tigre Tonio says something like "you will make a tiger of yourself" which is very different from tony's "great"

anyway, you heard about how i missed my flight. we had one last lunch and i walked home through so much CDMX. walked past the gas station i peed and waved through the window in April, the park where we collected the cute stickers in May, the hamburger stand a whole street of electronics and music and lighting shops, el baño cerca Zocalo, the first hotel (CASTROPOL) i stayed at on my first trip (there i caught a taxi to the aeropuerto).

the week has been poor sleep and working and working on my mac app (which is going very well! i just added media backlinks to annotations yesterday evening). i seem to be a little ill now? i can't tell if i'm ill or if it is hayfever caused by the beautiful lillies becky left in my apartment when she moved out. if i'm ill it means i've been getting ill every 2 weeks for 8 weeks now, which is possibly grounds for concern. eh. i'll die when i'm dead.

today i'm drinking tequila out of a cucumber and writing more code for my app. mostly debugging right now, couple of race conditions related to folders. first one appears to be a SwiftUI bug where there's a fatal crash if you remove the last disclosuregroup from a list.

otherwise i'm also making a lil music and migrating my blog to a new server, leaving everything else to fade away.

p.s. it will be temporarily impossible to finger for content during the move