by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

weak 35; 2022

  • for cat's sake get big-hearted and smart, lazy legs
  • took a little damage to my pride this morning
  • spent the week working on the app and making music
  • not so long ago in this very publication i learnt the lesson that it's always better to go out than to stay in if there is an option. this week i learned the new lesson that going out for the sake of going out does not count as "an option"
  • computer programming is not an engineering discipline. if engineers worked the way computer programmer work everybody in the world would be dead. computer programming is arts and crafts (that's a compliment)
  • on thursday night i couldn't sleep at all, but on friday i worked, on friday night i went and haunted peckham like a ghost then headed to fox & firkin to check if they had plug sockets next to the table. ended up making friends with some nice people sitting at a table next to me and then at one point i was in a graveyard and then at their house and then i walked home
  • my playdate arrived! the little nanoloop clone i made on the aeroplane in april works!
  • on saturday evening sofia and i watched the 1943 movie Scarlet Street and then i slept
  • today i'm making some music, drinking some water, making some coffee, drinking some coffee