British Summer Time

week 36; 2022

it's a year today since i moved into this apartment. or, started moving in.

this week i went to get my eyes checked at spec savers. turns out my eyes are the wrong shape, that's why i've always seen those stars when i look at lights. i have a prescription now, but haven't looked at glasses yet. i wasn't feeling cute on the day, so couldn't stand there looking at my face 50 times. great news is they don't think my eyes have yet succumb to diabetic retinopathy.

i released big waterfall as an e.p., it's on spotify and apple music and deezer and whatnot. enjoy.

the queen died. crazy frog is in mourning.

i'm very sleepy.

yesterday my postman came to the door to deliver a package, he was listening to music out loud on his phone. The Smiths. i started laughing and said "the queen is dead?" and then we both stood there laughing for a while.

don't know what else. i've just been working and making music, and occasionally watching a movie.

the queen died. the crazy frog is in mourning.

happy 9/11