by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

PlugData :: very exciting!!!

this fukin rules

it's a VST, AudioUnit and also Standalone app that features a new gui for Puredata and a bunch of built-in externals. it has Cyclone and ELSE which give you a lot of Max/MSP-like power

it also has a cute keyboard object and is themeable and looks great. it has wiggly wires.

standalone it's already great, just to have a slightly nicer experience when building patches (being able to drag to resize things for instance). but... it presents itself as a VST3, LV2 and an AudioUnit too! so it can take the place of Max4Live in audio software other than Live (like Bitwig, Logic Pro, Audacity!)

my initial plan was to use puredata to prototype things, (get the audio flow and UX just right), and then port them to something like Faust and use that to compile them for, like, the teensy audio library, VSTs, microcontrollers, etc

but then i noticed on the webpage for the Pisound (a cute stereo-in stereo-out audio interface for the raspberry pi) that they have a feature where if you plug in a USB stick containing a Pd patch called main.pd and then press The Button it will start that Pd patch running

so now i have a whole new plan!

  • raspberry pi
  • uninterruptible power supply
  • pisound
  • velcro this collection of objects to my keystep
  • make hundreds of individually labeled 1mb flash drives each containing a single Puredata patch

it will be me, reaching into a bag of sticks and pulling out the flash labeled ✨ OVERDRIVE ✨