Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 44; 2022

on hallowe'en i hid inside my house. i sent some people post cards typed on the typewriter, and sent orla foster a letter typed on yellow paper. happy birthday orla. got a nokia 3210 in the post, taught it colonel bogey's march. did some work, it went well. i was ahead of schedule but then i tortoise and hared it and now i'm behind schedule again. it's all good. good things happening at work. feeling helpful. it's nice.

went out for dinner with miss mccrispy at garlic & shots. had garlic, had shots. ate several bulbs. laughed plenty. mccrispy and i won over an incredibly unimpressed waiter by the end. went shopping at the graphic centre for paper and tape. went to ace & tate and i picked some frames, but i haven't been able to get them yet because i didn't bring my whole prescription. going for a pair of gold dust large ninas.

met sofia at the airport. we went for dinner and wandered around for hours. dinners and breakfasts and wandering around; never quite managed to get drunk. lots of city left. i'm really sleepy today. it's good. i haven't done so much in such a short time in so long. but i need to get better at explaining when i need to be alone or focus on something.

anyway, it's time for the end of the night.