Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 52; 2022

what a fine year!

in Scotland the 2nd of January is a holiday called "2nd of January". because New Years Day falls on a Sunday this year, the new years day holiday is Monday and the 2nd of January falls on 3rd of January in Scotland.

i've been in incredible form today, so for my future self reading this: week 50 really does work!

this week i was off sick most of the time, but i did get some good work done on Friday.

live footage of the events of midnight 2022/2023

for my new years celebration, i woke up at 8am and ate some mushrooms and had a bath. then i lay around thinking about stuff for a while. once i could operate my body again, i started tidying my apartment. i spent most of rest of the day cleaning and tidying. and i fixed the leak from the washing machine! which is great. at about 11:45p.m. i drew myself another bath. a CBD bath bomb from Lush. then i got a big chunk of vintage cheddar (the tickler) and lay in the bath eating cheese and vibrating until the new year had come. it will be chinese year of the rabbit. i drew my yearly tarot, the tarot agrees it will be a good year.

i'm relaunching today on this domain, doing it by myself this time. look forward to those! there's no atom feed for it (yet?), but i'll post here when i make new ones. the first one is up, i like it.

let's do art on-line, on websites, together! art that is websites. remember when you used to have to find a specific pixeL?

thanks for being around this year.

2023 is gonna be a banger.