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2023 w1

things are great. still trying to understand my blood sugar. rain is falling hard out here.

In the eighteenth century it became trendy among the rich to read books and poems by uneducated working class writers. They liked the novelty of a genius in poverty. When your parents died and you had to look after your sisters, writing poetry might have been a viable source of income, if you had the right kind of backstory.

one week ago was new year’s day, feels like it’s been 2023 longer than that. i’ve already been through a break-up and a reconciliation and been to the cinema several times.

i found a new pond near my apartment. new to me, i gather from the confident waddle of the ducks that this has been their home for a while. its pretty and has benches and ducks and swans.

work is going well. genuinely excited about the next project, even more so about the people i will be working with. the work itself is less exciting than the opportunity grow and demo a culture. the future looks good.

i’m doing everything i can to stay mentally where i need to be to do play my part in the next chapter of my life. i can't believe how much work it is to stay consistent. amazed by everyone who does this.

got an instant pot. i ordered it from the manufacturer's website. it was delivered in an amazon box by an amazon delivery driver. i'm just about to exploit life's still-unpatched infinite yoghurt glitch by putting yoghurt and milk in there until it becomes more yoghurt. that's kara's joke. thanks kara.

i submitted some art for a zine. i'll probably post it next week.