The rest of Sunday evening in Brighton was lovely. We listened to music on the beach, drank wine and beer, went to the train station. At the station we booked an hotel at the last minute. This is tradition now for trips out of town. It was a hotel in a gay bar, we were tired and tired of drinking. In our room we listened to music and played cards with the union jack backed deck we’d won at the arcade on the pier. The kebab shop around the corner from the hotel has an item on the menu by the name of “Mexican Surprise”. Sofia got that. It was just a normal hamburger. A Mexican surprised. It wasn’t long until we went to sleep.

On Monday we woke early but skipped the hotel breakfast, leaving the room and hotel just before check-out time. Rain was pouring heavily and we both got soaked through, seeking refuge in the arcade by the pier. We had a lot of fun throwing balls at clowns and shooting dinosaurs. The wind was blowing very strong, even for the sea. One time, trying to leave, we found the rain so cold and the wind so strong, it blew the wooden shutter off the window of a concessions stand and it took all of both our strength to get it back into place. When the weather that had held us prisoner seemed to wane we made a break for the station. It caught us and drenched us.

On Tuesday we went to the Tate Modern and the Twinings shop, and then the Harry Potter shop at King’s Cross shopping gifts for her sister. We made it to the airport on the Elizabeth line, and said goodbye over airport pub fish and chips next to security. On my way home some dude started following me around the underground which I found unpleasant.

Wednesday was the day of the work social, but I was not feeling great so I skipped it. Thursday saw me wake with a chest infection. Friday it was worse. A couple of days spent reading and taking notes was good, though. I joined BOTA. I made an Irish Stew on Saturday. I made a lasagne on Sunday. Still have a chest infection. Feeling happy, though, and relaxed.

  • worked
  • wrote some code
  • made music
  • learnt some max
  • went out for dinner with becky avery
  • met some people at a bar and hung out with them for a while
  • went out for a drink with lau
  • noticed my computer was missing 100gb, couldn’t find it. it seemed to be lost between partitions
  • reformatted. still setting it back up
  • had a lot of anxiety yesterday and didn’t leave bed. same today.
  • I really need a break



i took some time off last week to drink and make music. some of it is good so far, but i’m still trying to figure out how to achieve this particular sound i’ve been trying to figure out since i was like 17. it’s so hard. i don’t know exactly how to make it sound like it might fall apart but that it’s like that on purpose, not by mistake. it’s a style i spent many years cultivating with acoustic instruments but i’ve only very rarely been able to make it work in combination with electronic sounds. i guess the percussion is part of where it goes wrong. i guess as well that maybe i need to try doing it without sequencing anything at all actually, and playing everything live in layers and stitching it together later. it’s very hard to make a shambles. does anyone know where i could get just a little more talent? i don’t need much! just a little bit!

i met some random person who was walking around london on acid and i hung around with him while he wandered the city for a while. we parted ways at some point, not sure when.

i went to see stewart lee at the greenwich comedy festival. it was great. afterwards i had a nap in the street. it’s strange how the let those people queueing for the queen sleep on spare trains. turns out letting people with nowhere to stay sleep in spare trains overnight was always an option?

apart from making music and drinking tequila and beer i’ve been tidying my apartment a lot over and over and over, rearranging some furniture, and watching silly movies from the 90s.

for a while yesterday i had no anxiety at all and i tell you what it was wonderful. i was like another person, i felt like i was on acid the whole time, it was a beautiful experience.

i found a real cute landscape painting in the street, a painting of of llamas on a farm in ecuador, and it’s in my house now on my mantel. it’s lovely. there was a lamp there too. i need a lot more lighting and also i need some foam. i’m thinking of trying to pick up a little divider so i can partition off my desk area to make it feel like another room.

anyway. let’s make a grilled cheese and drink 12 stellas.

it’s a year today since i moved into this apartment. or, started moving in.

this week i went to get my eyes checked at spec savers. turns out my eyes are the wrong shape, that’s why i’ve always seen those stars when i look at lights. i have a prescription now, but haven’t looked at glasses yet. i wasn’t feeling cute on the day, so couldn’t stand there looking at my face 50 times. great news is they don’t think my eyes have yet succumb to diabetic retinopathy.

i released big waterfall as an e.p., it’s on spotify and apple music and deezer and whatnot. enjoy.

the queen died. crazy frog is in mourning.

i’m very sleepy.

yesterday my postman came to the door to deliver a package, he was listening to music out loud on his phone. The Smiths. i started laughing and said “the queen is dead?” and then we both stood there laughing for a while.

don’t know what else. i’ve just been working and making music, and occasionally watching a movie.

the queen died. the crazy frog is in mourning.

happy 9/11

  • for cat’s sake get big-hearted and smart, lazy legs
  • took a little damage to my pride this morning
  • spent the week working on the app and making music
  • not so long ago in this very publication i learnt the lesson that it’s always better to go out than to stay in if there is an option. this week i learned the new lesson that going out for the sake of going out does not count as “an option”
  • computer programming is not an engineering discipline. if engineers worked the way computer programmer work everybody in the world would be dead. computer programming is arts and crafts (that’s a compliment)
  • on thursday night i couldn’t sleep at all, but on friday i worked, on friday night i went and haunted peckham like a ghost then headed to fox & firkin to check if they had plug sockets next to the table. ended up making friends with some nice people sitting at a table next to me and then at one point i was in a graveyard and then at their house and then i walked home
  • my playdate arrived! the little nanoloop clone i made on the aeroplane in april works!
  • on saturday evening sofia and i watched the 1943 movie Scarlet Street and then i slept
  • today i’m making some music, drinking some water, making some coffee, drinking some coffee