Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 46; 2022


after the zoo i don’t remember.

tuesday night we went out and had dinner with becky. it was lovely but then after becky left sofia and i had a fight and she left and went to the airport. she came home about 7am.

i did some work i found worthwhile this week. i have high hopes.

went out with people on friday night. saw keran. was good shit. did have a fucked up conversation with someone, but am trying to ignore it.

apart from that… we finished Lodge 49. don’t know what else. oh i got a OB-4 at a discount.

we’re in Brighton today. that beach needs a few more thousand years. the sand is too big. we stood at the ocean’s mouth listening to classical music and taunting it. we’re at brewdog brighton now.

you wouldn’t believe how much i hate myself at the moment.