Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 45; 2022

hi. week was nice.

mostly worked and didn't leave the house, sofia went on adventures during the day. on Friday night we used a voucher to get a hundred fifty pounds worth of alcohol from Majestic. there was a beer tasting event. lots of people. the brewery representative said "hasta luego" when we left. on saturday we went to the zoo. i met the coati who is my favourite animal now. i invited him to jump into my coat and i would bring him home and feed him fresh bees in honey every day, and also mangos. he considered it, i think, but it's better the devil you know. coati has a big long snout and a bright pink nose upturned at the end. met val, sofia and her got on very well. two tiny friendly ladies. then sofia and i walked down past nelson and large benjamin and sofia enjoyed westminster very well.