Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 48 of 2023

going to the office three times in a week is very ensleepyifying.

honorary harlem globetrotter heinz kissinger died at the age of 1 century. sadly, we lost poor old shane too. poor old shane. Kent may never produce a better irish poet.

on Thursday night i was meant to see to underscores at heaven. but once i got there, it seemed so tight, and there was a threshold guardian i didn't have the power to defeat so i decided to go home and eat my first meal of the day instead. on the train home i listened to lily's cryptid radio show on edinburgh student radio and at the end she played a quiet party song which was profoundly fulfilling. lily is very good on the radio, very engaging.

i attended to an invitation to my colleague's house to watch the movie wall street. we never watched the movie, i met her brother, we sat on the couch and talked, it was a lovely evening. in the morning we smoked cigarettes in bed like french teenagers and then i took the dlr home. on saturday i slept from 7p.m. until sunday's 7a.m.

and this is where we are now: it's sunday now and i feel gross. i have a couple of days off work coming up. i'm tired. thinking of starting a monopoly. everything is what it is.

Sunday improved as it continued, and then I started thinking about software design process and practice and how nice it would be to be able to be part of it.

tomorrow a swedish rectangle might arrive, which will be nice.

good night, have a good week, sorry about the weird dreams.