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fourth 2024

so baaaaaaaasically everybody's bullying me just because i'm so cute and popular

what's the cutest place in england to go to in february/march? maybe corn wall

i haven't fixed lucky numbers yet, but i've made a album cover. i think i need to release it with fewer songs, because i've lost faith in some of them. we'll see.

london graphics centre. picked up a few books. a midori md paper grid notebook, sakura pigma micron pen, pair of tombow brush pens. zz got the same but the paper is ruled. we wandered around soho imagining what if we lived here. 1 bed in the middle of soho. local station: tcr. local park: hyde. nice night. kitchen table. seinfeld.

nice week. good week, yes. not much to report. silly stuff during the day. good stuff at night, good stuff in the morning. long saturday, we walked and walked. 20,000 steps. i've been making these omelettes where you beat 4 eggs w/ 60g greek yoghurt + 40g mozzarella cheese. rly good, flufy. lucky made it on saturday. it was great. qima for coffee. green valley for groceries.

thursday was nice too. beautiful morning, weird afternoon. akub for dinner. very nice. made something like that milfuf wedge / garlic yoghurt for lunch on sunday with pomegranate seeds. etymonline says "pomegranate" means, like, "apple with a lot of seeds" or, like, "seedy apple". cabbage w/ yoghurt + apple with many seeds seeds.

steadily improving with little dips.