Greenwich Mean Time GMT

fifth 2024

Please forward any incoming mail to my new address: 123 Easy Street, Fat City.

one for sorrow, but magpies mate for life. if you look closely you can find the joy.

quiet week. ate some pickles. went home and picked up a cookbook. i released lucky numbers, it'll be on iTunes and streaming services on feb 14th. put it in your calendar. pre-save it on spotify. or buy it on bandcamp if you can't wait. it's as good as the cover. so will the next one be.

quiet party album showing now playing on a

we listened to quiet party on the tv

booked a little holiday. going away at the end of feb. going to Lizard, Cornwall. the bottom of england, the southernmost point. it'll be good. spend a few days doing nothing, nowhere. spend a few days doing everything else. it'll be good.

we watched season 1 of lodge 49 this week, it's my favourite television programme. i've watched it a lot of times now. on friday night we broke our diet for a day and ate some chocolate and a v tasty vegetarian burrito from the highly aesthetic cafe mexicana. then we drank some hard seltzer, ate some mushrooms and went to soho. we had a drink at a bar and then went home again. i nearly fainted on the central line but i held it together and sang.

chee having lipstick applied by zaina on the underground. we're wearing
matching sunglasses. mine are blue and hers are

really a very fantastic and interesting individual who is unexpectedly up for living, and who i hope i will spend many more hours with before we both die.

saturday was slow and quiet. i've been in a strange place and trying to fix it. i went home on friday night to see what space felt like. we talked on the phone and then watched episode 1 of lodge 49 season 2 then z came over with a suitcase full of pillows. in the morning we went to see wonka on Rhys's recommendation. i never really expected to see Wonka, but i've never seen Rhys more animated about anything in his life than when he was talking about Wonka. at the time his passion seemed so uncharacteristic, but not anymore. he was right, Wonka is great. i cried and was wet and then went home.

now i'm lying in my bed thinking about how nice it would be to eat several hundred sandwiches, thinking about packing a suitcase, thinking about making some music, thinking about camden market, thinking about reading a little or writing, thinking about lime and parsley, quiet party. there's 3% battery life left in my computer so i'll post this before it dies.