i’m in the back of a taxi cab. the tunnel is closed under the water. there’s so much traffic that our driver has started playing music. i didn’t notice until then that Bolt cabs rarely have music playing? he asked permission? we’re all listening to madhur sharma now. our driver is singing along.

many congratulations to lb. i’m so happy to see you so happy.

a thing that’s been happening stops happening tomorrow, it’ll be better after. lucky numbers is out on wednesday. i’ve started working on the new e.p. already, it’s got a couple good songs on it too. been listening to björk and 90s ny hiphop and nola bounce. cameron paul brown beats on repeat. need to get my hands on a QY70 and sit on the rocks at the end of england and tell a story.

sometimes when she is falling asleep she starts shaking like she’s about to turn into a bigger pokemon. the big highlight, of course, is that guy in the alley with the trenchcoat and cane and the stony expression showing no fear locking our eyes, smoking his cigarette and listening to 40s music from an invisible speaker. if life is a tv show we are all extras except for that guy.

reminded of OpenCola by Cory writing in the pink paper. there’s 100 metric tons of legal coca leaf sitting in a factory in New Jersey

my shoulders hurt, so i’m going home to see my mattress about a nap. tomorrow will be a better day than yesterday and yesterday was pretty good.