British Summer Time GMT+1

week 25 of 2024

  • sunrise today 6:45a.m.
  • sunset today 9:49p.m.

now we're in the calle de los jardines, a smaller room, warmer too. we ate a big meal of potato and fish, and drank a lot of tinto. the tv here has teletext. teletexto, en español. i've gotten back from the 24h farmacia where they sold me paracetamol in large dose.

the week has been very nice. i've written code an hour or so a day when i could catch the time. we've swam and walked around Sol and taken Metro. we were meant to take an electric car through zaragoza, i'd planned the route around the EV chargers between here and there. the goldstar representative tried to upsell us by around 1000 euros, and told us the EV chargers are all broken and you need a spanish ID and a card from the government. i don't like the guy. i tell him we'll just forget it instead and we go by foot, and uber, and foot to the spa apartsuite hotel. it's nice there with a balcony, lots of space and a kitchen.

so we're staying in madrid until the train to zaragoza. we've moved to a little room near puerta del sol which is spanish for charing cross. the days are long and full, zebra's sick now from a travelling bug and so i've brought the painkillers. we've had some wonderful meals. and other meals. i've cooked a few omelettes.

i may never have written as much code before as i've written for this new app. it's working so well now, though everything about it is a bit fucked. i am so excited to get it to a place where i can show it off.

when you meet, it's the outside versions of yourselves that meet. then you've gotta learn how to get the who you are when you're alone to get along. i really love this city, it's pushed itself quickly to one of the higher spots on my favourite cities list.

i could do with a spa day.