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Sunday, July 25, 2021

What to say about this week?

We went out for a kind of anniversary dinner on Wednesday at a gluten free restaurant called Niche. The photos they use on their website make it appear like a large dungeon, but it's a beautiful small restaurant with a floor-to-ceiling window all along one side and an incredibly nice all/0-gender bathroom the size of my flat.

My notes for this week are mostly angsty song lyrics that I will have to burn, but let's see what I have:

  • i went to see people from my office job play rounders on monday
    • it was a lovely day that went on until 2am
    • there are some things i want to write about, but i don't know how to
    • my boss's boss's boss asked me and some other spectators to "post some shit" in the corporate slack, so we posted some shit in the corporate slack
    • a stranger at a bar grabbed my right tit and squeezed it while making direct eye contact with me
  • i just wanna choo-choo and keep going
  • i didn't realize that activating the break clause on my apartment would mean the estate agent would be bringing people to my house every day for the next 2 months
  • we watched the whole Olympics opening ceremony on Friday morning when i was off sick
  • keep finding myself staring in the mirror thinking about what a fat dumb bitch i am

out of one's element, in one's cups

here's a track i finished today. i'm either ahead of my time, or a terrible musician.

i always thought "one's" was spelt "ones" like "its" and "hers" but the dictionary of english idioms told me it was "out of one's element" and "in one's cups" and i'm no hemigway

good night, sweet one