British Summer Time GMT+1

Sunday, September 12, 2021

  • i never intended to write weeknotes
    • i wanted to write a blog post every Sunday
      • so that at least once a week, i wrote something
    • it was meant to be ideas like the founding of nintendo or posts about projects like
    • but then things got busy and weeknotes was easy to post every Sunday
    • but it's meant that i don't post as often during the week, and i only ever capture things in my notebook during the week rather than on my website
      • that's been good a veces, too, because in my notebook i can write whatever i think about something without checking if it's what i really believe
        • i can make mistakes and try things out without thinking about my coworkers, my ex, my ex's mother, and the complete strangers who came here from The website of Alice Bartlett
      • but i regret how it means i don't post as often, saving things up for the weeknotes, and how it means i don't working on longer posts containing actual prose
    • another thing is i don't post videos or images very often because i can't figure out how to add alt text from the android app
      • i'm going to try to post and fix up later on computer
  • the first twelve days of September have been longer than the whole rest of the year
    • and this hasn't been a particularly easy year
    • i'm working on something at work that is taking a lot of my energy
    • then at nights i've been packing
  • i just got the keys yesterday to my new place, it's great here.
    • a pale slim ghost kindly rented a van and helped me move my millions of boxes today
      • i am so tired, my little feet, my little feet
  • first home cooked meal in my new home

it's an improvised curry i'm calling "chicken balti masala" because i didn't have any yoggy to do the tikkaing and i replaced most of the spices with my homemade balti mix lol. there's a tin of heinz cream of tomato in there

  • my todo list has manifested physically

a room filled with cardboard boxes and the natural light coming through the single large window

gotta unpack all this before ikea gets here. also my favourite sock pair of monkeys on one foot, bananas on the other has started to disintegrate.

  • i am so tired. i am having a nap, having a nap, having a nap.
  • i've been playing the guitar and keyboard and remembered that's so much fun.
    • excited to make new, less rigid, music
  • when i finally had the door closed and was alone in my new place, my whole body started cracking and crackling like a bowl of rice krispies. i can move, there is space to move
  • ¿You ever admit something unexpected to yourself like "I love these monkey and banana socks"?
  • I forgot how hard it is to sleep in a new place for a big scaredy-rabbit like me
  • because nobody will ever see me naked again I will no longer shaving my legs above the knees
  • i hope you are having a nice weekend