Greenwich Mean Time GMT

Week 09, '23

My updates this year seem to be "worked; wrote common lisp; canceled plans to leave house". This week is the same. It was my birthday. As you know. I was planning on eating cheese in the bath like on new years, but instead I spent the day shopping for a new espresso machine and then getting the espresso machine and then looking at the espresso machine. I was meant to go out on Tuesday night but I have some really bad gender-dysphoria-going-on-agoraphobia type thing at the moment that has kept me safe and quiet in my home. My home has no bubble bath in it. It has coffee. The problem with the new espresso machine is it's very good, and now I need a new grinder. It's funny how these kinds thing work. Tier one, you pay a little but you have to do everything yourself. Tier two, you pay a bunch more money but everything is done for you. Tier three, you pay an extremely foolish amount of money and you get to do everything yourself. There is a pair of zuchinis on my kitchen table and I don't know what to do about it. At work I published a post on the internal blogging platform. I mentioned it had been my birthday and explained that everybody who didn't wish me a happy birthday is now on a list. Afterwards people DM'd me on various communication systems wishing me a happy birthday. Do they think that gets them taken off the list? The list is immutable. There is no way off the list. I have a headache. I'm probably dehydrated. I've probably never wished any of them a happy birthday. Not sure if the headache is getting worse or if it's more noticeable now that I'm trying to write. Maybe it's a lack of oxygen. That's not just for coffee, that tier system. Other things too. Many hobbies and crafts are like that, aren't they? I'd crack open a window but it sure is cold in here. There isn't really a list for people who didn't wish me a happy birthday. Maybe I could go for a walk. OK, I'll turn the heating on and crack open a window. I ate two eggs today. Two eggs ought to be enough for anyone. I guess it's 6pm and two eggs isn't enough for anyone. OK. I guess I'll spiralize them, the courgettes, eat them with cheese.