by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time

Week 08, '23

The week

By the end of the week I'd got sick and had to take a couple days off. Moments about a point.

It's my birthday next week. I'll be taking some time off to eat cheese in the bath. This is how I celebrate all events in 2023. New Year's - cheddar in the bath. Birthday - cheddar in the bath. Vernal equinox - ossau iraty in the shower. Easter - soak inside hot burrata for 3 days and emerge reborn. May day - brebis.

There was an event on Friday evening that I was meant to be attending with dearest Duckie and Pixie, but it was cancelled at the last minute. Luckily I had a backup plan which was just as enjoyable: doing literally nothing at all. 😌

On Saturday I tidied my entire apartment. Floors have been steamed. Walls have been scrubbed. There is so much space. It's fun to tidy the apartment and then rotate the sofa. It's like moving home. While I was tidying I kept breaking my own heart, telling myself things I know not to true. I mean, it is true that I have said no to a wonderful life. The only problem is it would not have been my life.

I'll pop off to the market now to see if they have any paneer. If not, i'll try my luck with lemon juice and a bucket of milk.


  • What is the most springtime of the cheeses?


  • With a clean rabbit and a tidy home you can do anything.
  • If you think of something that makes you laugh, try adding it as a reminder so one day you wake up to a notification like:

yahoo stands for yet another hoo

  • Listening to highly melodic music you know well through distortion and delay and ring modulators feels very good. Much like rubbing your hands against the bark of a strong tree.
  • Writing the song "Nature Boy" is a greater thing in life than learning to love and be loved in return.