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Week 10, '23

I'm going to take my horse to the old town road and ride until I can't.

I think I'll have to stop eating vegetarian as it has presented as me just not eating anything at all. It all went well except that one evening last week when I literally forgot tuna is not a vegetable. I do enjoy a dietary restriction, though. It's a fine hobby. Perhaps i'll start eating kosher.

Spent most of the week drinking way too much coffee because of the new espresso machine and grinder. I keep wiring myself up to the highest degree and then freaking out. Feeling super anxious and wondering why as I top up my v60 with espresso. I should probably start drinking alcohol again, to bring this coffee consumption back under control. Also I must think of my readers. The engagement's just not the same as back when I took meth. Those were the days, JetPack stats off the chart.

Another blessed week of doing very little. I'm writing a parser for KDL right now. Getting into Common Lisp like this has made me understand why people might enjoy missionary work. When you are possession of such light, such joy it feels wrong not to share it. Especially when all somebody would have to do to reach this same heightened state is to let it into their life, accept it, let it save them. I've got a print copy of the specification sitting on my kitchen table. I read it in the mornings over coffee.


Figure 1: current status

Is Funky Cold Medina based on a true story?

Anyway, have a good week.