British Summer Time GMT+1

week 25; 2023

is it really possible for a rabbit to be so happy? or tired? i have my filthy little fingers in so many puddings right now.

the party never stops, party til you puke, party mindset all year long

a ver... what happened? Tuesday was normal, sleepy. Wednesday was normal, sleepy. i can't actually recall the evenings of either of those days but i think they were normal and sleepy too.

Thursday i went out with some work people. I had some longer chats with some people i love and respect than i've had in a long time. that was nice. i went dancing with some gays and an italian later. We went to dirty martini, a bar for people with too much self respect to go to Popworld, but not enough self respect to just go home. it was nice enough. I didn't like watching a girl say "don't leave without me!" and her friend say "of COURSE NOT babe" and then when the girl went to the bathroom the friend immediately jumped into a taxi and zoomed off. Me and the girl shared a taxi home because we were going the same way. We held hands and chatted and it was girly and friendly and nice. We had to stop the cab a few times so she could throw up, which i found quite charming.

on Friday i had the day off for a picnic that was canceled because my picnic partner being couldn't get a vacation day on account of being sick earlier in the month. initially i thought this would be a day of rest, but then i received a text from someone i haven't heard from in a very long time, and i went to meet them for cold fluid in a café in Fitzrovia. it was a good and funny chat and it was good to see Christabel and i'm glad that i went.

on Friday night i, for some reason, went to the house of a stranger with a bunch of people i don't know and took the worst drug in the world: cocaine. it makes everything worse, it makes everyone worse, it feels like shit and it is the only drug that still gives me an awful comedown. it's expensive, it's terrible. It makes no night better and makes every morning worse. In the UK it's mostly poison, baby powder and speed. the strangers kept telling me about all the good things they've done for the gays and how gender doesn't matter to them. and then telling me what a "good man" i am. it was horrible. i don't know why i went other than as self-sabotage because i knew i was going to Barnet tomorrow to see the taco girl.

On Saturday i went to Barnet to see the taco girl. she got me a staff wristband for a soul and funk festival. It took an hour and a half on the train and the underground, and 40 minutes on foot. I drank some tequila, got some tacos. I told some customers in the line "they're the second best tacos in london, after mine" to tease the taco man. Later on I heard the taco man tell some customers they are the second best tacos in London, to tickle me. I asked the taco girl if she'd like to go to the movies some time, and she said that she would love to. So we're going to go to the movies some time. That's good, she makes me laugh and I make her laugh, that's good. I'm curious if we will still enjoy eachother's company in a scenario where I am not giving her money and she is not giving me tacos. I have no objectivity when tacos are involved.

"What am I doing in Barnet?"

Once the daze faded away and i became aware of a shocking and uncomfortable truth: "I'm in Barnet." The festival had a strange energy, the clientele. It was like being at a festival with every manager I've ever had. The vibes all wrong. Smile-to-frown ratio deep on the narrow end. There were 3 stages and it was a very small field and there were very few places you could be where you couldn't hear all 3 stages at the same time. I was so sleepy because of staying up all night taking stupid cocaine with people who made me feel unsafe. So regrettable. I started planning my trip to Hampstead Heath for Moja's party.


Somebody shouting "Rabbit!" at me. Nobody calls me "Rabbit" except for Ruxi and Christian. This was somebody I'd met at a party one and a half years ago and had not seen since. Isaac, from Ekaterina's house on NYE 21/22. It seems like winter 21/22 is adjacent to this summer in some way, lots of little threads. After we chatted for a while he started to invite me to a party in Hampstead Heath. Moja's party, which i was already on my way to. He doesn't even know Moja. So that was funny and fun and unexpected.

We travelled together to the Heath, walked through the woods, through the nettles, through the bushes, got to the party just as it got dark. I was very happy to see everybody. I had a nap under a tree. I was more wasted than I'd been in a long time, very unstable on my feet and didn't really know what was going on. In the morning as the dnb and psy died down, there was guitar and drumming and singing. The girl singing I'd been to see play a gig in January 2022 and haven't seen since. That was the same day me and Eva curled up under a blanket on the bus at night and said "rrrrrr" with the rolling `r' to rest her Greek tongue.

Saturday was Snow Tha Product's birthday. feliz cumpleaños, Snow.

So I woke up in the woods, surrounded by friends, covered in dirt. filthy rabbits. Sorry if this post is a poorer read than normal, I'm very tired and haven't revised it or edited it. I miss the catsnake.