by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 29; 2022

Hey there! It's me, chee rabbits.

First, a little housekeeping: sofia called crackers "salad cookies" and then two days later called a taxidermy museum "a museum for dry animals".

not much to report during the week. very busy, very sleepy!

We went out on a big walk. We were planning on going to a park but by the time our preparations[1] were done it was already dark and they closed the park. We walked down this long strange path and drank tequila and laughed.

feet on a path of black rubber geometry and tiny

lol my shoes are fucked

Went to a burrito place I'd misjudged and ate a rly good burrito and drank corona cubano. The bathroom floor was a slippery swamp of piss and shit but it was a lovely restaurant and I want to go back.

Today it's international tequila day so we will make margaritas. Hopefully we can get a bottle of OCHO.

I've written a lot of code this week. Lots of lisp and lots of zig and some shell. I also occasionally did my job. you know i've been making websites for like 20 years now. it's 2 decades since i wrote my habbo hotel hacking client and turned invisible and sabotaged some furni races (i know, absolute bobba behaviour) and was in a room (on habbo hotel) with the sonicmouse and met the hobba foohfooh was given the name "chee".

"the alpha and the omega" in english is "the a and the z" which isn't cool but in ASCII it's "the NUL and the DEL" which is cool. "I am the NUL and the DEL, the beginning and the EOF. to the thirsty i will give from the fountain of life oωo."

back on emacs

i'm back on emacs full time. my emacs config is a wild thing that has grown over a decade and a half. my whole system is configured by literate programming with org-babel. That's right, baby: literate dotfiles. I call 'em docfiles. I'd really love to do an entire real project like this. It's so powerful and so nice to be able to document the code write where it is, and keep bits that are relevant to each other next to each other even if they belong to different parts of the codebase. Like, you can write about the interface and use of the interface along side the code for both in the same document but output the code to lib/ and src/ during the "tangle" phase. It's so cool. Maybe i should build a modern markdown-based literate programming tool. Maybe i already did that, did i? i started, but i don't know if i accidentally threw that code away when i accidentally threw away a bunch of my repos last year when moving back to github :) :) :)

I switched from to because the party gTLD has a deal where you can buy any number of years for about $5 each right now so i have until the year 2032. email me at if you see a reference to or somewhere could you tell me? so i can change it to thank u x

kara's rp2040 eurorack platform

check this out from kb.

  1. Buying tequila, going to a café and secretly filling a flask with tequila while eating a sandwich. ↩︎