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Week 11, '23

Hello :)

On Thursday evening I went outside for perhaps the first time in March. As the oxygen started to re-enter my bloodstream I recalled I was in a very similar state of mind before flying to Mexico last year. Perhaps this is just what March is like for me.

On Friday I went into the office eventually. It was nice. Afterwards I attended the birthday bash of my at-work idol. It was a lot of fun. I saw some people I haven't seen in quite a while, and met some new people who were very lovely and funny. It was a splendid occasion and I'm quite touched that I was even invited and I will cherish the pencil.

My upstairs neighbour appears to have purchased at least part of a trumpet. Their practice lacks ambition. They seem to be struggling with embouchure, but I can hear them distracted by the valves– clattering on them needlessly. I'd recommend practicing with the mouthpiece alone and forget about the fingering for a while, so futile without the lip. You're doing fine, I believe in you, keep at it.

I'll get off the computer again now to do some cleaning and prepare something tasty for dinner.

If you have a free moment, and/or enjoy sending things in the mail, look at this cute project and send it a postcard:

An international postcard is £1.85. I usually just stick two first class stamps on when I'm sending a postcard to the United States, and then drop it in a normal postbox. That's 2x£1.10 stamps. I hope the postal service puts the extra 35p to good use.

Anyway, it's cute and you love sending letters so you should do it!

~ chee