British Summer Time GMT+1

Week 23, '23

On Thursday evening a sente a 7-minute long voice note to my ex. On Friday morning i awoke to a 7-minute long voice note from my ex. I booked a flight to Mexico. I had a nap. I felt the doom. I cancelled the flight the and hotels. I recieved another voice note. She's met someone. A sense of relief washed over me. To my surprise I'm so happy she is being taken care of by somebody who loves her and i feel free.

On Saturday morning I ent to Hackney to get my goodbye tattoo. It's a little girl rabbit holding a cat like it's a baby. Neither of them are capable of looking after the other. My artist was a very lovely person and it was a pleasure to spend a morning with her while she stabbed me repeatedly in the forearm.


Figure 1: tato

Went from there to Finsbury Park to Benjamin's birthday. I was the first to arrive, though I was several hours late. There were lovely people, many of whom had 4 letter names. We went to Benjamin's house afterwards for a party in one of the warehouse districts. Saw Pixie, which was nice.

I borrowed a Spanish guitar from a Spanish girl in the street, her name was Elsa. I sang Stray Cat Strut for her, I fell down onto my knees. She asked me if i'd like to come to her home and i said no. I went by her apartment for a party later, but she wasn't there. I had an entire relationship with another lady in the length of time it took for us to go to the shop for diet coke. We unexpectly started holding hands on the way to the shop, we stopped in at a bar on the way home and danced to karaoke, then we made out some, then we agreed not to make out any more and to go our separate ways.

Some guy broke the lock on their door in the night and stole a bicycle, the bicycle was recovered but the lock was broken for good. I went to B&Q and got them a new lock. The locks in B&Q are kept behind padlocks, you have call for assistance from an assistant to unlock the locks. They have a key cloning machine in B&Q, but the keys they sell with the locks they sell can't be cloned using their key cloning machine. They sell a screwdriver whose packaging requires a screwdriver to open. I don't know what's going on over there. I mean i'd had a lot of ketamine but i think this is reality's problem, not mine.

Those warehouses are a unique cultural event that should be chronicled, imho. I hope somebody is doing it. The next day we hung out on a red couch in the street taking ketamine. We went up on the roof for a while, and it was okay but it was no red couch on the street with R in a shopping trolly. Once I'd been awake for around 36 hours and my body was an empty shell being carried around by cocaine and corona, i popped into a quick k-hole and rebuilt the world from white light and first principals and came back and then I went to support EL and see her at the party she was running in Bonkers. I fell asleep in a crowded room at the afterparty and woke up alone at 5am.


Figure 2: eat fanny

I'm back in my house and working now, still wearing the same dress I left the house in for the tattoo at 7am Saturday. I've sweated so much, i will be peeling this dress off. I may have to call the fire brigade to cut me out of it. I managed to keep a hold of nearly all my belongings this weekend, and not be self-destructive even though i drank a lot and snuffled chemicals i'd never even heard of before. Life is good again and there are good people in it.